Creepy Vibes


Pop quiz time- what’s the number one thing that adds to the creep-factor in all those B-rate horror flicks? Fog. For example, how many times do you see a slasher dude pop out of the mist and start to hack up a group of bewildered teenagers for barbecue? More than a couple. Because fog is pretty damn creepy.

I’ve always been a sucker for eerie looking scenes and landscapes. So imagine my excitement when I wake up last weekend with all my gear already packed up ready to go… and I peer outside the window to see fog so dense that it looked like clouds were gang-banging my house.

It seemed like good opportunity to head down to Lancaster and get some shots of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge, and on my way down I pulled over for a few other random roadside gems that I happened to pass while I was driving.

Here are my favorite shots from the two rolls of Portra and Tmax that I ran through the Yashica D while out and about.

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