I play with garbage


I’ll say it, I’m not too proud. I play with garbage.

While working in a home for a client I was offered an old broken point-and-shoot film camera. The home was being prepared  for an estate sale, and all of the items would be either sold, donated, or in the case of this Minolta, trashed.

After about 15 minutes of prying the leaking batteries out of the chamber, and removing about a bucket of corrosion, I had a functioning camera. I popped a roll of Superia 200 in and put on some electrical tape to hold the battery door closed and… WHALLAH! Since the flash fires after every shot, I covered it up with gaffer tape so I could be more ninja-stealth like. Oh, and because point and shoot camera flashes make your pictures look like absolute shit.

This thing wasn’t too bad to shoot with; if anything it was convenient. I just slid it in my pocket and went. (quick note: it may not fit in skinny jeans pockets. But why the hell would you be wearing skinny jeans, anyway?)

The good: Convenience, automatic frame advance, and auto rewind.

The bad: It’s noisier than a hooker with bills to pay. Seriously, this thing is LOUD.

The ugly: It’s not a bad looking camera for being 20 years old. Never mind the tape I put all over the damn thing..

So, will I keep it? Maybe as a beater. Although, it’s kind of hard to justify using it for anything other than mediocre snapshots. Now that I think about it, back in the trash you go.

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