Smile for the toy camera


The last few days I have been playing with a Fuji Instax that I ordered off Amazon. It’s technically classified as a ‘toy’ camera, and spits out instant film prints like a Polaroid, only smaller, and they are super cheap.

I always enjoy a challenge, and thought it would be pretty interesting to see what kind of images I can make with the extreme limitations of these cameras. And let me tell you… creating a well composed, technically perfect print on one of these is a real fucking challenge. The crazy metering, the viewfinder, the lack of control… just… damn. But, producing a good picture is not the point of these things. It’s a party camera. Something to commemorate good times with friends, or to keep in the kitchen junk drawer to pull out on occasion.

So after four packs of film, I don’t think I’ll be keeping it. It was definitely something cool to check out- but if I want blurry, soft contrast shots that look like they were taken by a Smurf Paparazzi, I’d make them intentionally with my F3 and a roll of Superia.