Split-Cam Image Fusion


“Wow. What an absolute piece of shit”.

These were the exact words that came out of my mouth when I opened the package for the Image Fusion ‘Split-Cam’. I’ve never seen a “camera” with more of a shoddy construction. Everything is all caddywhompus, it has flimsy little slider pieces, nothing fits tight, the outside is spray painted… I should have used this thing for the post about “playing with garbage” instead.

The Split Cam’s claim to fame is the ability to take a picture while blocking off either the top or bottom halves, then switching sliders and taking another to combine both shots in the same frame.  It has the potential for some neat combinations, like ‘head swapping’ which I attempted by switching my son’s head with a stuffed animal. Out of four tries, two were pretty close. Could I have done something like this in Photoshop in about 3 minutes with waaayyy better results? Sure. And, after giving it some thought, I’m pretty confident I could get the same effect by cutting a lens cap in half, and just flipping it around on a normal slr lens. But that’s not the point.

Back to how much of a POS this thing is. When first loading in the film I noticed there were no seals anywhere on the door. I tried to take some precautions about the light leaks I knew were going to happen and taped up all the seams. (Light STILL got in somewhere.) Advancing your film? You can just forget about that. The plastic gears give out and start overlapping then dragging and merging frames after about the 12th shot. Even though I loaded a 36 exposure roll, I yanked it after 18 shots. It was so difficult to wind I was certain I’d break something. If there was a next time I shot with this (probably wont be) I’d use a 12 or 24 exposure roll.

So, to put it bluntly, I’m not a fan. This camera is currently residing in the ‘once and done’ box… destined for donation. I know what you’re thinking- “but you only paid five bucks for it on eBay”, and  “you’re expecting too much from a toy camera”. I suppose. But to put it into perspective- for that same five dollars I could have rented all three Die Hard movies, AND had 6 bags of insta-popcorn to go with it. Now you can see the severity of my loss.

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