Stick this in your face


I consider myself to be a pretty fortunate guy. You might ask “why is it that, Chris?”

Well, it would probably be pretty easy for me to be morbidly obese. But I’m not.

And before you assume anything… no, I don’t shovel multiple big macs and butter sticks in my pie hole on the daily. The problem is- my wife can bake. I mean like, she can really fucking bake. She makes stuff that tastes so good, you’ll be three brownies deep before you even realize that you need a napkin.

Lately, it’s been especially difficult because she’s doing a 52 week baking challenge on Reddit. It’s ended up that she’s gone on a baking frenzy. If one baked dessert a week is good, well then, three baked treats during the week must be better! Needless to say though, the kids haven’t minded one bit. Go figure.

So, without a way to end this post or smoothly transition into showing you the pictures I’ve taken for her… here’s the pictures.  (click to enlarge)