Weekend Wandering


If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s endlessly yapping. And wandering endlessly. So, okay, maybe two things.

Last weekend I walked around downtown a few times with the Yashica D and a few rolls of Portra. The first trip out was on Friday night. I’ve been on this multiple exposure kick lately, and had some ideas for the Capitol building. A few hours later with the everlasting hope that I’d come back with good pictures…  the Camera Gods were kind. While the entire roll wasn’t a winner, I did come away with a few frames I was happy with.

On Sunday morning I met up with Tony, who was a random internet person that I’d been talking shop with on Instagram. And, it just so happens that he was a Harrisburg local, and on occasion he also wandered through the streets taking pictures. Then the light bulb lit up and I thought “why not invite said random local internet camera person to shoot pictures and bullshit?”  So we did just that. It was actually pretty cool being able to talk about stuff that would immediately make most peoples eyes glaze over. Also neat was seeing the different interpretations we came away with while shooting at the exact location. He puts out some rad stuff- you should check out his blog or look him up on instagram.

I forget how it was brought up, but we talked about looking for Harrisburg meetup groups for photographers. I didn’t think there were any, and remembered looking for a meetup group a few years back. Well, a quick google search came up with the Harrisburg Camera Club. Right on their front page states the club was founded in 1933… so I must not have looked all that hard.

Although, I think I might prefer the impromptu flexibility of just hooking up with a few local people on occasion. So, if you’re in the area and looking for someone to talk your ear while aimlessly wandering around shooting, feel free to hit me up.

Here are the images I shot during the weekend.  (Click to open gallery)